Recruitment Process Outsourcing

analyze business needs, work with the employer's brand and recruit people who are able to make the company more successful.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing
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clients from 26 countries
month is average time of recruiting

Our advantages

RPO is a service where you give our recruiters the responsibility for expert search and selection. Our team works in different formats: full/partly outsource or outstaff, when the recruiter is transferred to your Recruiting/Talent Acquisition team for the project period.
Full data access
We share the candidate's database and all the project information.
Maximum engagement
Recruiter is fully engaged in the company’s operation, studies the corporate culture to find THE candidate and fix the recruiting process.
Saved time and money
Recruiter directly communicates with Hiring Managers without mediators and reduces the expenses for recruitment of several specialists.
Employer’s brand development
We promote the employer’s brand: a recruiter can work on behalf of your company.
Working with databases
The PRO recruiters have developers, managers and top-managers databases. There definitely is your future employee among them.
No bureaucracy
Recruiter on the outsource closes the company’s needs really fast. No need to deal with on-, off-boarding.

How we work

We are ready to quickly get involved in the work and show the result.
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Stage 1

Study the project, assess the work and enter the agreement

Stage 2

The RPO recruiters find candidates and evaluate their skills according to the requirements

Stage 3

Prepare and pass the report and all the project data

Why PRO and not an agency or inhouse-team?

Key differences between PRO and inhouse team and agency.
Inhouse Agency RPO
All the candidates databases belong to the client + - +
Compiled candidates recommendations + - +
Employer’s brand development + - +
Efficient cooperation with the HR-team + - +

Tell everything in details in the presentation

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Our clients

archer Vimeo Mensch Livestream Ambisafe Invisible Newgistics DataArt FAT GINGER CAT ThredUP Slice CaddieSoft TransferWise Wix OWOX SiteCore ALLO
Company Review archer
We have known Indigo and worked with them for over 8 years already. Over the years, our cooperation grew into a friendship that got stronger by the day owing to their team’s rapid, effective, and very human approach to their job. Indigo is our go-to partner for the most challenging executive positions. We always rely on their transparency, precise communication, attention to detail, in-depth understanding of the position, and, most importantly, sincere commitment to closing the position with our long-term benefit in mind. This is a relatively rare combination, but, fortunately, Indigo never fails to impress us :)
Olga Ivanova
HR-director, Professional Coach
Company Review Vimeo
Livestream used Indigo to hire for an executive position in Ukraine. We involved Indigo early on in the process and they worked with us on the position until job offer was accepted. They not only helped us to find the candidates and organize interviews but also worked with us to define the job description and effective recruitment strategy (which ended up being specifically tailored for our needs), helped with negotiations, provided useful pieces of advice through the process. That lead to a list of qualified candidates, among whom we easily choice our perfect fit. Overall, we were very satisfied with Indigo’s team throughout the process and end results.
Company Review Mensch
All the candidates were good, really pinpointed for what we wanted. Indigo hit the mark. It wasn't like if we got 50 applicants and had to filter them ourselves. No, we got people we really liked and negotiated to hire them.

The communication was good. Indigo Tech Recruiters communicated with us, asking a series of questions to specify the details of our requirements. They always asked whether we needed more help with candidates. Also, they checked how things were moving and made sure that we replied on time. The management was flexible, meeting our demands, cooperating. It was a pleasant experience.

You always wish you could go faster, but other companies didn't get any faster than Indigo. In fact, we turned to Indigo because we couldn't find the people we wanted with the previous agency. It would be a miracle if they managed to find not only exactly what we needed but did it there and then.

We have an in-house recruiter now, however, in case we have difficulties finding candidates, we'll outsource recruiting for a particular position to Indigo. Also, if we get new investments and are growing like crazy, if we need many new employees, we would hire Indigo to reinforce our recruiting.

I would certainly recommend Indigo. It offers the best value for money.
Avishai Ankri, CTO
Company Review Livestream
Livestream approached Indigo to fill an executive position in Ukraine. Involved early in the process, they worked with us until the final job offer was accepted. They not only helped us look for candidates and organize interviews but also worked with us to streamline the job description and develop an effective recruitment strategy (which ended up tailored specifically to our needs) as well as provided support during negotiations and helpful advice throughout the entire process. That led to a list of qualified candidates, among which we easily selected our perfect fit. Overall, we were very satisfied with Indigo’s team throughout the entire process: from the very beginning to the end result.
Sergey Malyuk
CEO of Livestream
Company Review Ambisafe
I’m very impressed with how Indigo managed to pinpoint the type of candidates we were looking for—they have a perfect understanding of what the high-level executive should be.

I liked everything about the process: communication, ongoing reports, and high-quality candidates. Love working with this vendor!
Johnny Kartakov
СЕO Ambisafe
Company Review Invisible
Our cooperation with Indigo was very productive. They gave us comprehensive market analysis and confidence in that we can find a Head of Marketing for Invisible in Ukraine.

Also, Indigo properly took into account our soft skill preferences for the ideal candidate. All in all, we are glad to have received an absolutely great specialist in such a short time.
Vlad Voskresensky
СЕО Invisible
Company Review Newgistics
Indigo helped us find a Country Manager. Despite the complex nature of the position, they did it fast. We established a rather good communication during the work on the project. This allowed us to explain and adjust our expectations quickly and receive candidates with an impressive level of experience.
Stanislav Skorobogach
Technical Product Manager
Company Review DataArt
Indigo is fast, attentive, and professional. I sincerely believe that it is especially valuable when looking for an executive since in this field you need unique qualities: good reputation and extensive connections. Indigo acted as an excellent intermediary, who understood our needs, thoughtfully approached the connections aspect, and, as a result, managed to attract into our team a colleague whom we ourselves couldn’t even dream of getting.
Julia Zavilejskaya
Global HRM, DataArt
Company Review FAT GINGER CAT
We were very pleased with the recruitment experience. The selected candidate exceeded our high expectations.
Every candidate Indigo brought to us was solid, They did a great job in both understanding our needs and finding people who meet them. The whole recruitment process was very fast. We certainly will (and already have) recommend Indigo to others.
Nadav Hertzshtark
Co-Founder & CEO
Company Review ThredUP
The candidate quality is very high. Indigo does a great job of vetting the candidates and setting expectations for the roles before submitting to us. They are very responsive even during non-business hours.

What we most appreciate in Indigo’s work is their speed and responsiveness.
Kevin Martin
Lead Technical Recruiter
Company Review Slice
On behalf of myself and the other managers of the company, I want to thank the Indigo team for their work.

Our new Java Tech Lead has been an excellent acquisition for our team.

Not only does he have in-depth knowledge and impressive experience, but is also, as they say, a "culture fit". I want to thank Indigo for getting imbued with our company’s start-up culture and family values—and finding a person who easily integrated into our team of professionals within a short time frame 🙂

I’d like to emphasize that all the Indigo team members showed a high level of professional knowledge, business etiquette, and emotional intelligence. Working with Indigo was effective, efficient and comfortable, which is why we decided to make Indigo our general recruiting partner in 2017.
Mike Pozdnyakov
HR Manager
Company Review CaddieSoft
Not the cheapest recruiting out there, but in our experience, you get what you pay for . Indigo Candidates go through an excellent preliminary selection process.
Vladislav Kuznetsov
CEO at CaddieSoft
Company Review
The guys at Indigo know really know their stuff. 100% reliable!
Stepan Tanasiychuk, CEO
Company Review TransferWise
Indigo’s thoughtful and professional recruiters are not afraid of challenges and never fail to energize others with their positive vibes.
Vdovychenko Nana
Company Review
Great job!
Andrei Borovik
Company Review Wix
Indigo is one of the most famous IT recruitment agencies in Ukraine
Natalia Zaslavskaya
Company Review OWOX
Indigo is trustworthyt!
Vladislav Flax
Company Review SiteCore
Indigo knows their business and the IT industry well!
Vasilenko Dmitry
Company Review ALLO
Quality service at a reasonable price!
Alexey Turyshev
Human Resources Director
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