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Who we are

We are a global talent hub with 15 years of extensive Recruiting, Executive Search, and RPO experience under our belt. 95% of our clients continue returning to us.

Companies in 26 countries worldwide approach us to assemble a Dream Team of specialists who best fit their individual needs. Approximately every fifth candidate we find for our clients gets a job offer.

With state-of-the-art automation tools and recruiting technology at our disposal, you can rely on the fact that we will always deliver.
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clients from 26 countries
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Executive Search

Executive Search

We hire C-level candidates who successfully achieve businesses' goals.
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We prepare a relevant list of talents for your job.
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On-demand Recruiter

On-demand Recruiter

Надаємо тимчасових рекрутерів, щоб допомогти вашому бізнесу масштабуватися під час пікових періодів або мають експертизу, якої немає у вашої команди.


Ми забезпечуємо комплексні рішення з підбору персоналу та управління бізнес-процесами, надаючи клієнтам можливість зосередитися на їх основних бізнес-цілях.

Our clients

Ambisafe ThredUP Wix ALLO
Feedback from Ambisafe
I’m very impressed with how Indigo managed to pinpoint the type of candidates we were looking for—they have a perfect understanding of what the high-level executive should be.

I liked everything about the process: communication, ongoing reports, and high-quality candidates. Love working with this vendor!
Johnny Kartakov
СЕO Ambisafe
Feedback from ThredUP
The candidate quality is very high. Indigo does a great job of vetting the candidates and setting expectations for the roles before submitting to us. They are very responsive even during non-business hours.

What we most appreciate in Indigo’s work is their speed and responsiveness.
Kevin Martin
Lead Technical Recruiter
Feedback from Wix
Indigo is one of the most famous IT recruitment agencies in Ukraine
Natalia Zaslavskaya
Feedback from ALLO
Quality service at a reasonable price!
Alexey Turyshev
Human Resources Director
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We guarantee a quality result

Anna Stetsenko
  • 16 років підприємницької діяльності в напрямках IT, стартапи, HR-Tech, освіта, девелопмент та інвестиції
  • В 2007 заснувала IT-рекрутингову агенцію INDIGO-Tech Recruiters
  • 5000+ годин консалтингу, коучінгу та менторства в сфері лідерства та людського капіталу
  • Освіта:
    • Хайфський університет, Менеджмент
    • КМБШ, MBA
  • Членкиня The Aspen Institute Kyiv
Kateryna Osadchuk
Co-owner and CEO
  • 9 років досвіду роботи в ролі HRD та COO в групі SCM та в GameDev компанії.
  • 7 років в ролі CEO INDIGO-Tech Recruiters.
  • Провела більше 4,000+ інтерв’ю.
  • Маштабувала команди з 10 до 200 людей.
  • Організувала кілька асесмент-центрів
  • Авторка більше 100 статей та щорічних оглядів зарплат C-Level.
  • Освіта: Zurich University, Sustainable Finance; INSEAD, FinTech; MIT, AI; КНУ ім. Тараса Шевченка, психолог; НТУ ім.Туган-Барановського, економіст. КМБШ, ефективні HR системи.
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The need to recruit IT personnel is becoming more acute for companies in different sectors; not only for technology, but also business players outside of IT want to attract specialists who will develop software products for them, maintain information systems, ensure cybersecurity, etc. Companies compete with each other, but without knowing the specifics of this narrow market, the search can take months.
It is optimal for companies to engage in specialized business and entrust the search for IT talent to an IT recruiting agency. The INDIGO team has been working in this market since 2007, which has allowed us to build solid expertise and create the largest candidate base. At the same time, we remain flexible and open to the use of advanced search technologies which help us to develop and maintain optimal efficiency with high quality results.
Our recruiting agency works on the principle of triple screening. The client can count on the prompt preparation of a pool of candidates and the selection of the most relevant specialists to their needs. In addition, each project has a dedicated team of experienced recruiters who focus on the needs of a specific business.
Recruiting IT specialists is a separate profession that includes a number of skills, both narrowly-focused and in general. We not only possess these skill sets, but we also teach others within the framework of our school of recruiters. We have something to share - from search strategies to candidate offers, we use proven work tools and build a relationship on trust. That has led 95% of our clients to return to us with new vacancies.