Hard & Soft Skills

Hard & Soft Skills
Inhumans: 15 exciting films about artificial intelligence
“I will destroy humanity. ” After the robot Sofia proclaimed it, we, human creatures, can only hope for the best. We could expect that it was a joke made up by the creato..
Working Remotely: how and why to live without an office
The remote format can easily knock you down and distract.
“Get stuck” to the screen and profit: 9 channels about technology, which will glue you to Youtube.
Recommending fascinating video channels is a very tricky decision. Most of us already spend too much time on the Internet. However, we’ve decided to offer a set of Youtub..
How can a copywriter help the recruiting process in your company?
When our friends and clients hear that a full-time copywriter helps us in our recruiting processes, they are a bit surprised
Why personality-based brands can hinder company development
Ekaterina Osadchuk — CEO at Indigo Tech Recruiters, economist, professional psychologist, HRD and business development director with more than ten years of experience