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Hiring During Challenging Times: What Startups Should Keep In Mind
Scaling a startup is challenging now because the market is experiencing a seismic shift and all the goalposts have changed. It is challenging, but it is still possible!
Our friends at Social Talent have opened free access to their e-platform for ukrainian people
It’s a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable recruiting experience and learn from international professionals.
The Tech Talent Job Market Is Changing, And So Should You
When entering these uncharted waters, you can no longer abide by the previous rules.
Discipline and loyalty: how to work with remote employees
Remote work is gaining increasingly more popularity. Many workers become freelancers and others want to work part-time or full-time.
How to interview those who have been affected by war
Interviewing a candidate whose life/relatives/home were/are put in jeopardy by war, be aware that the interview may elicit an emotional response. What should the intervie..
IT market ahead of 2022: Will it keep booming and will the workforce competition get fiercer?
2021 has been an excellent year for the tech industry, with many IT companies reporting bumper profits and their employees getting fat bonuses. Will the IT market keep bo..
Launching an IT company in Ukraine: a step-by-step guide
What is the future of IT in Ukraine, and how can one set up a successful IT business here? We discussed it with Ekaterina Osadchuk, a co-owner and CEO of INDIGO Tech Recr..
Recruiting agencies: benefits and disadvantages
Are recruiting agencies worth the hassle, does your company need this kind of help and are recruiting agencies to be trusted? We discuss these and other issues in this ar..
CTO salaries in the Ukrainian IT sector: the 2021 overview
Indigo Tech Recruiters CEO Ekaterina Osadchuk and her team have completed the second annual overview of CTO salaries. Read the insights and details in the article below.