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8 signs you’ve found the right candidate
“8 signs you’ve found the right candidate”Have you come across articles with a similar title? So have we
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Why does your business need a recruiter?
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HOW TO CREATE A DREAM-TEAM 6 RECOMMENDATIONS FOR hiring the best technical team
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Crackerjacks for a newcomer: 9 ideas for your welcome package
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How can a copywriter help the recruiting process in your company?
When our friends and clients hear that a full-time copywriter helps us in our recruiting processes, they are a bit surprised
Review of CTOs’ salaries in the Ukrainian IT industry
The CTO, (Chief Technology Officer), is responsible for the strategic and technical development of the company, developing and optimizing products, as well as the product..
Working Remotely: how and why to live without an office
The remote format can easily knock you down and distract.
Suitable offer: The 7 Rules of Employer Value Proposition
An employer needs a brand if they want to reach a candidate’s field of vision. And it is essential to match the external picture and the real experience of the employees...