Where to go without experience: the best internships at Ukrainian IT companies


We collected the best internships and courses at large Ukrainian IT companies. The list includes information about the program, admission conditions, and payment.

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Employers often say that the IT industry severely lacks employees. The statistics confirm the following: according to the data by Opendatabot, the shortage of IT specialists in Ukraine is now 34%. It is paradoxical, but at the same time, it is not that easy to find a job for a specialist without experience, despite dozens of IT courses for programmers.

Universities usually do not train modern and in-demand IT professionals. If someone is lucky to have the necessary curriculum and tools, they will differ significantly from the actual tasks and stacks required by employers. Therefore, many companies decided to take matters into their own hands and became ‘talent factories’.

We collected the best internships and courses at large Ukrainian IT companies. The list includes information about the programme, admission conditions, and payment.

What does an internship at an IT company mean?

An internship at an IT company is an opportunity to undergo training and work with employers’ real technologies and tasks. It is often that specialists who have successfully proved themselves receive an offer from a company in the future.

Moreover, an IT internship is a quick way to gain real experience and a prospective line in your CV, which will allow you to get a job in the IT industry.

Are there paid internships at Ukrainian IT companies?

There are paid internships, but usually, they are unpaid. However, some companies pay their trainees during the internship or after receiving a job offer.

Internship at DataArt

DataArt is an international software development company. In Ukraine, DataArt has offices in Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa, Kharkiv, and Kherson.

The internship programme at DataArt launched in 2004. Since then, over 400 internship graduates have been employed by the company.

Requirements: a conversational level of English and theoretical knowledge of the selected technology (.Net, Java, QA, Ruby, C++, PHP, Python, iOS, Android, etc.), while technical education is desirable but not required.

The company considers senior undergraduate (the fourth year of study and up), graduate, and postgraduate students.

For example, to receive an internship at the IT company in Kyiv, you need to complete several stages of interviews: a language test, a technical test, an interview with an HR manager, and a technical interview.

Price: scholarship. At DataArt, interns perform real tasks, so the internship is paid, and all students get a salary.

To learn about current internships, you need to email a free form CV to hr@dataart.com.

Internship at EPAM

EPAM is an international product development, engineering, and software implementation company with branches in over 35 countries.

EPAM traditionally offers two internship options: university programmes for students from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv, and Vinnytsia and online courses for beginners.

Requirements: different for each internship. For example, training on the DevOps engineering team, which starts in mid-June 2021, requires you to pass an English proficiency test, a technical test on knowledge of your specialization, and an interview with a recruiter.

To enrol for the EPAM university programme and become an intern at the IT company in Kharkiv, you need to be a student at a partner university, prove your level of English (at least Intermediate), and pass a technical test and an interview. 

Price: free.

Internship at Provectus

Provectus is an international company that provides consulting services and solutions. It specializes in cloud services and artificial intelligence.

Now Provectus is offering two types of internships: NOC and DevOps engineers.


  • for NOC: experience with Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu), basic knowledge of computer networks and intermediate level of English. A specific requirement for this position is to work in shifts 24/7, including weekends and holidays (two 12-hour shifts).
  • for DevOps: basic technical training and level of English.

Price: free

Internship at GlobalLogic

GlobalLogic is a digital product development company. GlobalLogic offers internships in several specializations at once: C/C++, Embedded C, Java, DevOps, JavaScript, Automation Testing, and Manual Testing.

Requirements: different for each specialization. For example, the Trainee Software Engineer (Python) position requires knowledge of

  • Python fundamentals
  • Django framework and web service (HTTP, web session) development fundamentals
  • Git command and Linux command-line tool fundamentals
  • Database fundamentals (basic SQL)
  • Fundamental written and spoken professional communication in English

Applicants for the Front-End Engineer internship in Kyiv will need

  • knowledge of vanilla JavaScript and Vuejs
  • knowledge of and/or experience in developing industrial front-end applications using RESTful interfaces
  • full-stack experience (Nodejs, MongoDB) or knowledge of other web frameworks (React, Angularjs) would be a plus

Price: free

Internship at HYS Enterprise

HYS Enterprise is a company that provides corporate software and IT solution development services.

Now HYS is offering several internships: Intern Front-End Developer, Intern iOS Developer, Intern Android Developer, Intern QA Engineer, and Intern C# Developer.

Requirements: different for each specialization. For example, enrolling for an internship in the Front-End field requires you to know Angular 2, HTML, and CSS, Web API, and fluent English.

Price: free.

Internship at Readdle

Readdle is a product company that develops iOS apps and more. Every year Readdle launches summer internships for beginners in technical and non-technical specializations.

In 2021, the company offers internships in iOS Engineering, Quality Assurance, Android Product Engineering, and Full-Stack Web Development.

Requirements: basic knowledge of selected specialization and advanced level of English.

Price: the company provides scholarships.

Internship at MacPaw

MacPaw is a Ukrainian company that develops applications and services for Mac. For several years in a row, the company has been launching summer internships for specialists with little or no experience.

In 2021, the company offers to gain experience in the following fields: 

  • macOS Software Engineering
  • Back-End Software Engineering
  • Front-End Software Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data Engineering

Requirements: a sufficient level of English and basic knowledge of the selected specialization.

Price: the company provides scholarships.

Internship at NIX Solutions

NIX Solutions is a Ukrainian outsourcing company developing and supporting corporate systems as well as mobile and web applications, administering and supporting software, consulting, and developing its in-house products.

The company offers internships related to .NET, Android, Flutter, FRONT-END, iOS, Golang, Java, JavaScript, Linux Administration, PHP, Python, QA, Ruby, etc.

Requirements: a sufficient level of English and basic knowledge of the selected specialization.

Price: free.

Internship at Samsung

Samsung Research and Development Institute Ukraine (SRK) is one of the global Samsung Electronics research and development community teams focused on cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

The company offers an internship for students with basic knowledge of C/C++, Java, and Python.

Requirements: knowledge of fundamental disciplines (mathematics, logic, and statistics), C/C++, Java, and Python. To enrol for the Java internship in Kyiv or other specializations, you need to complete a test task and an interview with a recruiter.

Price: the company provides scholarships.

Internship at Sigma Software

Sigma Software is a company specializing in IT consulting. Sigma Software offers internships in several fields: DevOps, JavaScript, Elixir, PHP, and Golang.

Requirements:  different for each specialization. For example, a PHP intern needs basic knowledge of OOD and OOP, good PHP skills, and sufficient English proficiency.

Price: the company provides scholarships.

Internship at Binary Studio Academy

Binary Studio is a boutique software development company. Curiously, 82% of the Binary Studio team are Academy graduates who have completed internships in the previous ten years.

Binary Studio Academy is a free intensive online course in JS, .NET, JAVA, and Q&A, which takes place every summer.

Requirements: to qualify for the course, potential interns must pass an online test, complete their homework, and have an interview with a recruiter.

Price: free.

Author: Тетяна Демахіна
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