C- Level managers are the company's top executives, top managers, and those who report directly to the Director. In different companies, the position of this specialist may have different titles, but the essence of their work is taking full responsibility for the company's strategy. C-level managers can lead a specific function or business project.

At first glance, it’s much easier to find a Department or Company Director than, for example, a Senior Programmer ; but there are significantly fewer top managers than developers. In addition, job openings of this level are often confidential and not placed in the public domain, which makes it difficult to find the right specialist. Here, a recruitment agency can provide assistance to both employers and candidates.

IT Is important for C-level managers to understand both how products and the business as a whole work . To get experience as an entrepreneur, it will be useful to participate in a startup or create a business. Despite the demand for experienced, established professionals, C-level employees who strive for continuous development and acquisition of new knowledge are often required. This allows a professional to bring their project work to perfection, and improve mutual communication with the team.

C-level managers and their functions:

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) 

This is a leader who is responsible for business processes on the team, and assumes all obligations to the business owner and investors. The CEO is also expected to solve complex work tasks. Business development depends on the CEO, who sets the vector of work and growth.

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

A COO 's responsibility is the implementation of the strategy that a CEO has formed. This specialist also organizes the rational use of resources ; builds, optimizes, automates processes ; and minimizes the use of company resources.

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

The CTO is responsible for the technical implementation of corporate business processes . She also benefits from teamwork and business process management skills. According to statistics, the majority of CTOs are often promoted to this position from project managers and tech leaders.

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

A CMO is responsible for brand awareness, positioning, and attracting new customers. CMO needs to understand the company's position in the market ; define marketing goals, segmentation, and positioning ; and create and implement effective marketing strategies . The Marketing Director should have the authority to influence the product and make strategic decisions together with other C-Level managers. 

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

The CFO's responsibility is the company's profitability and profit margins. A CFO should proactively and independently offer the best solutions for building a business model, ensuring profitability, and finding profitable investments. The CFO then leads the process of implementing these solutions. To do this, she should be able to translate them into clear tasks, communicate them to the right employees, and monitor their implementation. Technological competence and an analytical mindset are important for a CFO.

HRD (Human Resources Director / Chief People Officer)

Forms the team and the strategy of its management, and develops the necessary documents and procedures for personnel. This ppsition is responsible for hiring, evaluating, motivating, and training employees : building the employer's brand ; and defining the corporate culture of the company to help the business grow . Ideally this person is a business partner and is a mature person ; has leadership skills; and can identify problem areas and suggest ways to solve them.

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INDIGO Tech Recruiters are often asked questions about finding C-level professionals — by both talents and employers. We have collected the answers to the most common ones.

1. How do I find a competent C-level?

With such requests, it's better to contact a recruitment agency , since it’s unlikely that you will find candidates of this level on job boards. Often, personal networks of the company's top management are used to fill such positions.
First of all, they must be a good manager. Work experience, constant personal growth, responsibility, and developed communication skills are other important selection criteria. С-level employees should be able to create a team from scratch or manage an existing one to work effectively. A detailed list of requirements is formed individually depending on the type of company and the specific position because C-level is a collective name for several positions at once.
We regularly conduct salary reviews and publish the results in the media and our blog. We show the exact numbers for each position and their relation to various factors. C-level income most often starts from a few thousand dollars a month, sometimes reaching five-digit amounts. C-level salary is often linked to the KPIs, which are individual for each position.
According to the results of our annual surveys, top managers are most motivated by professional growth, compensation level (including bonuses from the company's business indicators), freedom in decision making and implementation, a culture of trust in the company, flexible schedule, and competent, effective management of the company.