Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is aimed at reaching prospective customers across multiple channels. This includes marketing on the Internet , using mobile phone technologies (for example, SMS mailing and advertising in mobile apps), on digital television, on online radio, and even in self-service terminals. There are so many possible marketing channels and tools that it is not possible for one specialist to master them all. Consider the list of online tactics: SMM, SEO, SEM (PPC advertising), content marketing (blogging, vlogging), email marketing, contextual advertising, game advertising. That’s why digital marketing is accomplished across a variety of marketing roles.

If you simply need digital marketing for your company and are not sure about a specific field, hire a generalist for a Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Marketer position. This specialist should understand the principles of working with many channels and directions. They can form a strategy, perform part of the work independently, outsource specific tasks to contractors, and check the quality of their work.

Larger companies usually create a team of digital marketing specialists, each of whom focuses on one or two channels.

Job responsibilities

Digital Marketing Manager tasks differ from company to company. Some of the tasks may be assigned to members of the marketing team who specialize in specific areas, or to external contractors. Such tasks include:

  •  Analyzing the target audience, the behavior of website visitors and page subscribers on social networks as well as competitors
  • Creating a marketing strategy and strategies for individual marketing areas (content marketing, for example)
  • Selecting optimal channels (for example, online, mobile, SMS marketing) and tools for strategy implementation (contextual advertising, SMM, e-mail marketing, content marketing, and others)
  • Planning advertising campaigns in various marketing channels
  • Conducting SEO optimization of the website ( building a semantic core, improving a website structure, optimizing content, etc)
  • Creating and maintaining email lists, creating and optimizing email marketing messages
  • SMM: preparing content and running targeted advertising on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Working with video content
  • Monitoring key marketing metrics: Conversion Rate (CR), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Customer Retention Rate (CRR), Customer Lifetime Value (CLV or LTV), Click-Through Rate (CTR), and others
  • Ensuring a consistent, unified brand message across all channels
  • Creating and monitoring marketing dashboard 
  • Collaborating with designers, product managers, sales managers, and other specialists.



In addition to knowledge and skills in the field of digital marketing (principles of SMM, SEO, creation and optimization of content, including video), a Digital Marketing Manager should also have mastered the following tools:

  • Google Ads
  • Data Analytics and visualization services (Google Analytics, Netpeak Spider, or others)
  • Services for e-mail marketing, such as MailChimp
  • Tools for website optimization: Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer or Oracle Maxymiser 
  • Marketing automation software (for example, Marketo, HubSpot)
  • Content Analytics services (for example, Acrolinx,, ClickFlow).

Any experience with CMS (e.g., WordPress or Joomla) would also be a plus.


The most important personal qualities include multitasking, an analytical mindset, delegation and organization skills and well- developed communication skills.


INDIGO Tech Recruiters often receive questions from clients who start searching for experts in the field of Digital Marketing. We have collected answers to the most common of them.

1. What are the main tasks of a digital marketing manager?

The main tasks of a digital marketer usually include three components: determining the target audience and its needs, developing a marketing strategy, and ensuring its implementation using specific tools.
The main difference is the number of channels that the specialist can use. Digital marketers promote not only on the Internet, but also via SMS, TV , radio, self-service terminals, and other channels.
Start by determining what you expect from your marketing specialist, and what they should do for your company. If you believe that you need multi-channel digital marketing, and want someone to develop a strategy, search for an experienced digital marketing generalist . If you want to start with one channel, for example, where your customers certainly are, try hiring an expert in this field.
First, decide on your goals and expectations. Then, search for a specialist whose expertise matches your needs. Pay attention to their portfolio. A good digital marketer is usually a specialist with extensive experience who can provide examples of successful projects. Also, make sure the marketing person shares your vision and loves your product.