Android developer

Increasingly more companies approach INDIGO Tech Recruiters to find Android developers. They need people to develop mobile apps and software for gadgets running Android. According to polls, most developers write code for this very OS.

Android developer's responsibilities

  • Design, development, optimization, and support of apps and software for tablets, set-top boxes, smartphones, and other gadgets running Android.
  • App architecture design
  • Participation in product development (development of new features)
  • Testing and support of completed products

Principal skills of the Android developer

  • Programming experience with Java and Kotlin
  • Often, Android development experience is important to employers, too.
  • Understanding of OOP
  • Experience with DBMS
  • Experience with Android SDK
  • Familiarity with Git
  • Familiarity with REST API, XML, JSON
  • Understanding of MVP, MVVM, and Clean architecture
  • The experience of successfully developing and publishing apps on Google Play is an advantage
  • English 

Questions about Android developer recruiting

1. Are Android developers hard to find?

The labour market has many specialists developing Android apps and software. However, demand for Android developers is strong, too: most employers are looking for middle- and senior-level specialists, but junior-level openings are still available, too. Since Android development implies knowledge of Java, candidates in this segment are open to a wider range of employment opportunities.
Experienced specialists are usually busy working on some projects, so the active search is a more viable option. The first thing you need to do is to screen the CVs of candidates with relevant experience (at INDIGO Tech Recruiters, we do three-stage screening). Then the candidates are interviewed and employment conditions negotiated—we allocate a dedicated recruiting team to work on every vacancy we need to fill.
Primarily, it is IT companies—start-ups and major international players alike—that have openings for these specialists. Besides, other businesses (retail, delivery, healthcare, etc.) are starting to develop Android apps for users of their services—they need developers for their projects, too.
Candidates of all levels—junior, middle, and senior alike—are attracted by challenging projects, which enable them to develop their skills, as well as provide growth opportunities and high enough compensation. Often, relocation or remote work becomes the decisive factor. Although Android developers are prevalent among the Ukrainian IT talent, they enjoy strong demand, and so relevant candidates are hard to come by. With its experienced team and huge talent base, INDIGO Tech Recruiters has no problem filling such openings. If you have any questions, you can order a consultation on our website.