Python developer

Python is among the most popular programming languages now. Specifically, it is 4th in terms of popularity, according to DOU's 2020 rating. Python developer recruitment projects need to be handled by experienced specialists that know the market inside out and have a large talent base at their disposal.

Python developer responsibilities

  • Development of games, web and mobile apps, websites, bots, social networks, and other products
  • Product rework and optimization
  • Participation in testing and integration
  • Preparation of user guidelines

Python developer: essential skills

The required skill set depends on the field, business, project specifics, and position level. However, the following are found in most job descriptions:

  • Knowledge of the Python programming language
  • Knowledge of the JavaScript programming language (often)
  • Familiarity with frameworks (e.g., Django, Flask, Tornado)
  • SQL, MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Git
  • Fluent English

Questions about Python developer recruiting

1. Are Python developers hard to find?

They are. Python is a high-level programming language, and it's considered difficult to learn, so it's often experienced C++ or Java programmers that decide to learn it. However, amid the shortage of such specialists, some companies offer junior-level employment opportunities. In this case, they expect to shape the programmer's expertise to fit their needs, but some basic skills are still a must to begin, whether self-taught or acquired during a course.
They are. There is demand for such specialists in all kinds of fields. Among the potential employers for Python developers are outsourcing and product IT companies, financial sector, telecom, energy, internet marketing, banking, and e-commerce companies. Besides, they are needed in Machine Learning, Big Data, AI, science, and such.
Bearing in mind their specific skill set, we are talking a high level of compensation: competitive salary and a robust compensation package are a must. But these are not the only things that attract such professionals: they need challenging projects, an industry with good prospects, and opportunities to develop their skills.
These specialists have a wide variety of employment opportunities to choose from: they are needed in all kinds of industries and companies. Foreign companies are fiercely competing with domestic ones here, offering remote options and relocations to Ukrainian professionals. We manage to successfully recruit experienced specialists because we use a technology based on long-standing expertise, triple screening, large talent base, and assigning a dedicated recruiter team to each project. Since the market is short of Python developers, it may take an employer a lot of time to find a specialist that suits their needs. With its talent search technology, INDIGO Tech Recruiters can fill such vacancies effectively and within an optimal time-frame. We will gladly tell you more about it—all you need to do is contact us on our website.