Golang is a programming language designed in 2007 by Google . It 's also called Go.

Its distinctive features are :

  • multithreading (which greatly simplifies dynamic data entry) 
  • type safety support 
  • dynamic data entry 
  • a vast library of functions 
  • the efficiency of project implementation through monoservices.

This language is far behind Java and Python in terms of power, but it is excellent for everyday tasks due to its readability, speed, and error minimization due to the simplicity of the code.

Golang knowledge is a fairly common additional requirement in job descriptions — for example, the developer is required to know Java or Python in combination with Golang. Developers proficient in other programming languages often master Go when it's necessary for a project. Due to its simplicity and readability, Golang is also suitable for starting in IT technologies. Therefore, if the applicant's skills include only Golang , they may be a beginner.

Learning Golang requires a reasonable amount of time and effort from a beginner. You should start with small tasks and experiments with code, gradually moving on to more complex projects.

The Go-developer job is well paid ; it’s among the top three highest-paid programming jobs in recent years. At the same time, the demand for these IT specialists is several times less than, for example, Java, JavaScript, or PHP programmers.

Common requirements for Go programmers include at least 1 year of experience with Golang, an understanding of RESTfull interfaces and microservice architecture, as well as teamwork and communication skills.

Golang is widely used due to the high speed of project implementation, so it's in demand in many fields, including streaming services, online stores, aggregators, and video converters. In addition to Google, it’s used by Walmart, HP, RedHat, Facebook, and Lamoda.

This language is developing, so the number of vacancies for specialists in this field will continue to grow.

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Experience: 5
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