React is a library of components based on JavaScript and TypeScript, characterized by open-source code. Its application in the IT sphere simplifies the development and debugging of the user interface. This explains the demand for React in the development of mobile and single-page web applications.

The release, which was initially supervised by Facebook, took place in 2013. Today, React is actively curated by the community of React programmers. It should be noted that the Native framework, launched two years after the first release, quickly became the optimal tool in the field of mobile development for iOS and Android.

In job vacancies, a React Programmer is referred to as a React Developer or React-developer — an IT specialist who develops the client part of the user interface. They are not only fluent in the library components, but also have a perfect command of the tools that help optimize the performance of the application under development. An experienced React Developer can develop websites and create mobile and web applications using the React Native framework. Employers expect such a specialist to understand the principles of the layout (HTML5, CSS), JavaScript, jQuery, npm, ES6, WebPack, Redux, and Git.

Since React is written in JavaScript, considerable experience with this language is usually required. Another common requirement is at least an intermediate level of English, with developed listening comprehension. The applicant's ability to work effectively in a team will also be an advantage since the React developer cannot act alone. A significant plus is the presence of a portfolio. Regardless of the subject of the works presented in it, it will serve as an illustration of the experience and skills of the applicant.


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1. What jobs can a React Developer apply for?

A React programmer can hold the following positions in IT companies: · JavaScript Developer (since JavaScript is closest to React in substance) · Frontend Engineer – the developer who specializes in the user interfaces · Software Engineer & ndash ; of any category (Junior, Middle or Senior) depending on the level of skills acquired and the amount of additional knowledge in the form of experience with other languages.
The React programmer has at least an average level of knowledge of the Native framework, which provides for the creation of user interfaces and applications for Windows 10 and its mobile version.
To search for a specialist, an employer can create a job description with the project objectives and required skills for the applicant. It can be placed on a job board or on a specialized Telegram channel. This method is suitable if you are interested in attracting a Junior specialist. It is not so common to find a programmer of the Middle category in this way , much less a Senior one. This is due to the fact that an experienced developer is rarely actively searching for a job . Alternatively, you can use LinkedIn. However, this is not a guarantee of success. Therefore, it is better to entrust the search for an experienced React developer to professional recruiters who will be able to select a specialist in exact accordance with the requirements of the employer.
1) Knowledge of JavaScript as the logical basis of application components and their relationships, as well as the practical application of its principles. 2) Knowledge of Swift, Objective-C, and Java tools as the basis for native application development for mobile operating systems. 3) Ability to work within the JSX and/or Virtual DOM concepts. 4) Knowledge of tools that optimize work with REACT: • Sentry error tracking & ndash ; for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting • Bitrise & ndash ; to improve workflows and increase automation • Hockeyapp & ndash ; for real-time crash reports • Redux & ndash ; for managing the app state • ESLint & ndash ; to check whether the code is written in accordance with JavaScript patterns • Jest & ndash ; a ready-made tool with zero configuration for testing JS code • Enzyme & ndash ; a complete set of tools designed to facilitate testing