The purpose of the Vue.js frontend platform is to simplify and optimize the web application development process, and to achieve a balance between complexity and functionality. Vue.js was released in 2014, and due to its dynamism and availability, such companies as Alibaba, Xiaomi, Sina Weibo, and Baidu, as well as the repository management system GitLab, now use Vue.js.

The main concepts of the Vue.js framework are components, transitions, directives, and the constructor. The latest build of Vue.js is characterized by small size (only 16kb), combined with significant speed and convenience of the associated development tools. Due its support for server rendering implementation , the development of isomorphic applications is significantly simplified. Vue.js components can also be used for internet , Android, and iOS applications.

Vue.js is most often used for developing small projects and dynamic interfaces adapted to the user. It is characterized by good scalability and high performance, so it can handle large single-page applications.

Among IT specialists, the framework is actively used by web developers, web designers, software architects, and project managers.

Thanks to the dynamic design of Vue . js and the power of its framework, Vue.js specialists are quite popular in the IT market. A significant number of open positions are currently available . Programmers of this specialization may be part of a development team on the main project, as well as developing and testing individual modules.

The basic requirements for Vue.js developers are as follows: at least 2 years of general programming experience , including at least 1 year of active work with Vue .js , proficiency in JavaScript and HTML, experience in writing modules and functional tests, knowledge of interface design principles, and English language skill . In addition to these hard skills, excellent communication skills are required, since the work of a Vue.js programmer involves interaction with other project participants.

You can learn the basics of Vue.js by yourself by reading technical documentation and taking online courses, provided you already have basic programming skills and experience in this field.