PHP developer

INDIGO Tech Recruiters has helped dozens of companies find PHP developers. These specialists are hard to recruit since the demand for them is high in Ukraine, and there are lots of international projects open to them, too. According to DOU's 2020 rating, PHP is among the top 5 programming languages in terms of popularity.

PHP developer responsibilities

  • Development and support of websites, web applications, online stores, forums, social networks, and other products
  • API development and support
  • Third-party service integration (mailing lists, messengers, payment systems, etc.)
  • Creation of databases

PHP developer: essential skills

Employers' requirements may differ depending on the project. However, job descriptions usually include:

  • Knowledge of the PHP programming language
  • JavaScript experience (often)
  • Understanding of the OOP principles
  • SQL/MySQL/MongoDB skills
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS
  • Git
  • MVC
  • REST experience
  • Familiarity with frameworks, e.g., Yii2, Symfony, Zend, Laravel
  • Understanding of SEO principles
  • Knowledge of WordPress and web design experience
  • Fluent English

Questions about PHP developer recruitment

1. Are PHP developers hard to find?

They are. And there are two complicating factors at play here. First, these specialists are in strong demand, and many employers compete for them. Second, this programming language is relatively easy to learn, and many programmers list it on their resume despite having insufficient qualification, so it takes rigorous screening to select relevant profiles.
Besides the high level of compensation, flexible working hours would be an advantage. Also, many specialists prefer remote employment (in Ukrainian and foreign companies alike). Among the top benefits are comfortable offices and workplaces (for those who prefer offline options), compensation package (insurance programmes, healthcare package), and opportunities for learning and growth on new projects with challenging tasks.
Companies do have openings for junior specialists, including internships and mentorships. For these, a basic knowledge of theory and English is enough. Many IT professionals enter the industry with this programming language, which they often pick up themselves from technical documentation and online resources or by taking courses online or offline.
Our recruiters are experienced and have an in-depth knowledge of the market. But there is one more thing that helps successfully fill even the most problematic openings—an effective talent search technology. We assign a dedicated recruiting team for every project and use triple screening to attract only relevant candidates. PHP developers have plenty of job openings to choose from. Employers are fiercely competing for these specialists. INDIGO Tech Recruiters has numerous successful PHP developer recruiting cases, some of which required a very particular skill set. Want to learn more about our approach to recruiting and how long it will take us to staff your dev team? Contact us on our website!