Java developer

The Ukrainian labour market sees robust demand for developers of this kind. And INDIGO Tech Recruiters is here to help employers hire competent Java developers. According to DOU's 2020 rating, Java is the second most popular programming language.

Java developer responsibilities

  • Development of applications, messengers, websites, software, corporate IT systems, and other products
  • Writing of user and admin documentation
  • Support during testing and integration
  • Troubleshooting of bugs found in the products
  • Modification of previously developed solutions

Java developer: essential skills

Employers' requirements may vary depending on the project. For example:

  • Knowledge of the Java programming language
  • Knowledge of OOP
  • Multithreaded programming skills
  • Knowledge of MVC
  • Git skills
  • DB skills (JDBC, SQL)
  • REST
  • Spring (Boot, Security)
  • Fluent English

Questions about Java developer recruiting

1. Are Java developers hard to find?

Finding an experienced professional like this is hard because many employers compete for them, including global corporations. Numerous companies from all over the world invite increasingly more Ukrainian programmers to fill various positions, with relocation or remotely.
Java developer positions are available in IT: in outsourcing and product companies, Ukrainian and international ones, corporations and start-ups. The companies scaling their technology departments, e.g., banks, also need specialists like these.
Although robust already, demand for Java developers is forecast to keep rising. It's a great career path for people starting in IT because employers are interested in junior-level specialists. All one needs is a minimum of knowledge and skills, fluent English, and drive to develop professionally. On their part, employers offer internships, mentorships, and hands-on workshops.
Java developers have one of the highest compensation levels in the market, so a competitive salary is a must. However, it's not the only thing that's important: these professionals are interested in promising projects, new technology, and exciting challenges. Java developers eyeing new openings have plenty of listings to choose from. INDIGO Tech Recruiters has completed many such projects of different profile and level. We will gladly assist you in attracting a qualified specialist for your team. To find out more about our expertise, contact us on our website.