Unity / AS3

Unity is a cross-platform game engine with a built-in IDE that considerably simplifies the development of many aspects of animated web applications . It is most popular for creating two-and three-dimensional games. The main advantages of this game engine are its visualization capabilities , and its creation of objects based on a combination of functional blocks and cross-platform support . Unity was used to create such large-scale projects as the ever-popular Bad Piggies, the exciting Gone Home, and The Golf Club.

Unity is also in demand for writing indie games - applications developed by groups of enthusiasts or small private studios without large-scale or targeted financial support.

AS3 is an object-oriented programming language that provides interactivity for Flash applications. It provides the ability to process binary data. AS3 is much closer in terms of programming speed to such popular languages as Java and C#.

Fluency in these tools provides an IT specialist with extensive opportunities to develop animation, interactive multimedia applications, advertising banners, games, presentations, and web applications.

The main requirements for a specialist in this field are mastery of Unity and ActionScript tools and JSON and XML protocols, working with development patterns, and the principles of object-oriented programming . Development experience in other programming languages is also desirable . Creativity and communication skills are important for a programmer as well . Often , the ability to communicate and find a common denominator between coworkers or teams is sometimes valued higher, since the development of applications is always a collectively creative activity , including specialists in various fields.

In the current environment of development in the entertainment industry, developers who are adept at using the Unity / AS3 toolkit are among the most popular and highly - paid.