iOS developer

Increasingly more companies are looking to hire qualified iOS developers now. These are the specialists you need if you want to develop software, apps, games, or updates for Apple gadgets.

iOS developer responsibilities

  • Architecture development, creation and support of products for various Apple gadgets
  • Improvement of product usability and responsiveness
  • App publication on App Store

iOS developer: principal skills

  • Development experience (programs, apps, or games, depending on the position)
  • Fluency in any of the programming languages used by Apple (Swift, Objective-C)
  • iOS SDK mastery
  • SQL mastery
  • HTML mastery
  • Git experience
  • Testing experience
  • Knowledge of main programming patterns, object-oriented programming, and object-oriented design principles.
  • Core Data experience
  • Familiarity with requirements for successful app placement on App Store and app publishing experience
  • English 

Questions about iOS developer recruiting

1. Are iOS developers hard to find?

Programmers that develop software for Apple devices often expect high compensation: the gadgets are quite expensive, and it takes high professionalism and highly developed programming skills to meet Apple's requirements for apps. Now, iOS developers increasingly prefer Swift. Apple is expected to prioritize this language going forward, but not all candidates are familiar enough with it now.
These specialists have a wide variety of vacancies to choose from. Primarily, we are talking positions in IT companies, e.g., game developers or developers of software for smart devices. However, businesses working in other fields (e.g., retail and catering) are also actively developing apps for consumers to remotely use their services (e.g., order food), and they also need competent iOS developers.
There are employment opportunities for all levels: junior, middle, and senior. And they have different requirements as to knowledge and skills. However, experienced professionals recommend fellow programmers who want to enter and grow in iOS development to become fluent in C++ or Java first.
Since the demand for specialists of this kind is high, candidates have a wide variety of employment opportunities to choose from, including international ones. Moreover, these professionals are among the highest-paid in mobile app development. Therefore, a company needs to table a competitive offer to get a competent developer for its team. Finding an iOS developer with relevant experience and skills is hard—employers fiercely compete for talent in this segment. You can trust INDIGO Tech Recruiters to do this for you. Just send us a message on our website to learn more about the recruiting methodology that enables us to fill any vacancy.