.NET developer

.NET developers are in high demand nowadays. INDIGO Tech Recruiters can help you find .NET developers that will to best fit your needs. Microsoft .NET Framework is built around the C# programming language, which is currently third most popular among developers according to DOU's 2020 rating.

.NET developers create all kinds of products: apps, websites, solutions for mobile platforms, computer games — leveraging the tools and technologies provided by the .NET platform.


.NET developer responsibilities

  • Product development and modernization
  • Code and architecture review
  • Database design, setup, and support
  • Participation in testing and installation of the developed solutions
  • Integration of the product with existing systems
  • Monitoring of product performance


.NET developer: principal skills

  • Knowledge of C#
  •  Familiarity with .NET Framework
  • Knowledge of object-oriented design and programming
  • Mastery of database operation technologies
  • MS SQL Server operation skills
  • Familiarity with Transact-SQL extension
  • Knowledge of Entity Framework technology
  • WCF mastery
  • ASP.NET MVC mastery
  • English 

Questions about .NET developer recruiting

The team that needs specialists of this kind usually has a lot of related questions. We at INDIGO Tech Recruiters have prepared for you the answers for some of them. Need to learn more? Just contact us!

1. Are .NET developers hard to find?

They are. Developers with mastery of C# and .NET technology enjoy strong demand: both Ukrainian companies and foreign employers offer numerous employment opportunities for them, including remote work and relocation.
Professionals with this kind of expertise rarely look for work themselves because of how many companies have open positions for them. To find one, you need a vast contact base, as many sources as possible to search in, CV screening, multiple rounds of interviews, and exciting terms to attract them.
Although middle- and senior-level .NET developers are more popular, many companies are also looking for people to fill junior positions. Junior .NET developers are usually expected to know basic principles of object-oriented programming, have at least minimal experience with .NET platform and be fluent in C#.
These specialists prioritise competitive compensation, challenging projects, and growth opportunities. Many candidates prefer to work remotely or relocate to other countries. Considering the current demand for .NET developers, it would be difficult to find one to fill an open position. However, with INDIGO Tech Recruiters' expertise at your disposal, any vacancy of this kind can be easily filled. Just go to our website and contact us!