C ++ / Embedded developer

Finding an Embedded C++ developer is hard because these are rare specialists that develop embedded software. With many years of experience under its belt and high-quality talent selection methodology at its disposal, the INDIGO Tech Recruiters team can quickly fill such vacancies.

C++/Embedded developer responsibilities

Unlike your average software developer, embedded developers are working with code as well as with hardware. Responsibilities of such developers may vary depending on the project. Here is a glimpse at the things listed on some job descriptions.

  • Embedded software development (i.e., for machines or devices that are not typically thought of as computers: cameras, sensors, GPS navigators, etc.)
  • Participation in the improvement of existing products, testing, debugging, and integration of new features
  • Device driver development
  • Integration of the code with the existing software
  • Circuit design review
  • Embedded software development for prototypes and support of testing regimens during mass production of final devices.

C++/Embedded developer: principal skills

Skill requirements may vary depending on the project. For example:

  • Knowledge of C++
  • Experience in driver development
  • Knowledge of electronics, electrical engineering, and radio electronics
  • Knowledge of the hardware
  • Familiarity with how network work
  • Basic knowledge of circuit design and mechanics
  • Experience in microcontroller and microprocessor programming
  • Knowledge of multithread applications
  • Experience with communication protocols
  • Experience with real-time systems
  • Admin-level knowledge of Windows/Linux
  • English 

Questions about C++/Embedded developer recruiting

1. Are C++/Embedded developers hard to find?

They are. Although such job openings are fewer than others in the industry, the candidates here are always highly qualified specialists with narrow experience. To find this kind of talent, you need a recruiter team to monitor the labour market continuously.
Remote work would be difficult because of the nature of the tasks these specialists deal with—they need a specially outfitted workplace complete with tools such as debug boards, adapters, and soldering equipment.
There are no openings like this on the Ukrainian market. Considering the complexity of projects and special skills they require, employers usually look for experienced (over 4 years of experience) professionals with a specific skill set.
Specialists like these are usually attracted by the promise of not only see but to hold in their hands the results of their work. Often, special qualifications are required to fulfil their responsibilities successfully, e.g., many professionals are trained as engineers and additionally pick up programming. C++/Embedded developers possess narrow and rare expertise. Considering how high the demand for them is, getting one into your team would be an unconventional task. To fill vacancies like this, INDIGO Tech Recruits relies on its vast contact network and experienced consultants. Want to learn more about our work and guarantees? Contact us on our website!