Node.js developer

Demand for Node.js developers among companies (both within and outside IT industry) is on the rise. According to Stack Overflow's 2020 poll, over 50% of programmers prefer Node.js. This platform is used mostly for JavaScript back-end development. Experts point out that it makes development faster and has a shorter learning curve.

Node.js developer responsibilities

  • Development of web applications for a wide variety of areas: from online stores to education services and delivery ordering.
  • Architecture development for new products and support of the existing ones
  • Third-party service integration (e.g., payment systems)

Node.js developer: essential skills

A wide variety of companies in all kinds of industries are looking for such specialists. Therefore, requirements may differ considerably. For example:

  • Node.js experience
  • JavaScript knowledge (however, many job descriptions list other programming languages, such as PHP)
  • TypeScript knowledge
  • ExpressJS, NestJS
  • TypeORM, Sequelize
  • Knowledge of Angular and React
  • PostgreSQL and MongoDB experience
  • SQL experience
  • Git experience
  • Experience of not only back-end but also front-end development is an asset
  • Fluent English

Questions about Node.js developer recruitment

1. Will demand for Node.js programmers rise in Ukraine?

The technology is developing, becoming more reliable, and gets new optimization tools. Therefore, the popularity of Node.js will remain on the rise, as well as demand for specialists working with it (which is already strong enough).
Besides a competitive salary, compensation package, and comfortable working conditions (these may be considered essential requirements), Node.js specialists want opportunities to tackle non-trivial tasks and work on exciting projects. Notably, Node.js is used by Netflix, eBay, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and other global companies.
Although there are more openings for experienced programmers, IT companies are ready to hire junior-level specialists, too. To qualify, candidates need a bare minimum of skills: theoretical knowledge, a basic understanding of the target system, DB skills, and fluent English. Familiarity with other technologies will improve the chances of getting the job.
Besides the experience with the platform, employers look for specific skills relevant to the project. To find the candidates that possess both, recruiters need a large talent base as well as effective screening (INDIGO uses triple screening) and interview procedures. With INDIGO Tech Recruiters, you can fill even the most challenging vacancies within optimal time, because we assign a dedicated advisory team for every project. It takes a lot of effort to find a Node.js developer with a relevant profile—we know it because we helped many companies hire them. To learn more about our successful cases and get advice on issues that interest you, contact us on our website.