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In September, we changed our website, logo, and overall identity. Now we’re going to tell you why and what all this means.

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In September, we changed our website, logo, and overall identity. Now we’re going to tell you why and what all this means.

We felt the need to update long ago, when we realized that the website no longer solves our problems or corresponds to the company's position. We approached the task in a comprehensive way: we thought about social networks, stickers, and branded merchandise.

New INDIGO identity - bags New INDIGO identity - bags
New INDIGO identity - T-shirts New INDIGO identity - T-shirts
New INDIGO identity - stickers New INDIGO identity - stickers


We believe that values determine a lot: effective and comfortable cooperation with clients, partners, and the team — so now we talk and write about them on the website, in our commercial offers, and on social networks.

New INDIGO identity - values New INDIGO identity - values

Graphics and color

After a series of calls, discussions, and surveys — and after trying three concepts — we came up with the final version of our brand identity. A triangle became the symbol, the basis of everything. In a triangle, everything loses its sense if you remove at least one of the points. After all, everyone in this triangle is important and has a special value. And this triangle is unique because it encapsulates new tasks, people, and even distances between participants.

New INDIGO identity - philosophy New INDIGO identity - philosophy

We liked this triangle so much that we animated it and added it to the website in the "About Us" section.

Corporate graphics became a reflection of our commitment to results, dedication, and dynamism.

New INDIGO identity - concept New INDIGO identity - concept

The variety of colors indicates the diversity of people on the team: everyone makes their contribution, each contribution is valuable, each member enriches others with their experience and vision. And together they are even stronger.

The color scheme consists of a number of interrelated shades of color. So INDIGO creates the most harmonious teams and finds the right people.

New INDIGO identity - coloristics New INDIGO identity - coloristics

The logo and typography

Our new logo balances the drive of graphics — it is geometric, minimalistic, and simple. We consciously refused additional graphic symbols and images in the logo.

New INDIGO identity - logo New INDIGO identity - logo

The letters of the logo made in a monoline font emphasize our desire to adhere to our purpose, as well as our ability to focus on it, embodying confidence, clarity, and reliability. The typeface of text and headlines also serves the same purpose.

What else is new?

Along with the website, we transformed our blog into a small media outlet about talent search and management. A visitor can now search for published materials and view collections by tags. Also, you can now send us an article for publication!

We have a branded sticker pack in Telegram with very charming characters:

New INDIGO identity - stickers New INDIGO identity - stickers

We believe that our inner identity — results, reliability, dynamism, and drive — now corresponds to how we look from the outside.

Work on the website continues. Stay tuned, we are preparing many more exciting updates for you!

Author: INDIGO Tech Recruiters
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